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Hamas calls for an international investigation in Gaza and accuses the Israeli occupation of committing these crimes against civilians

Hamas has called for an international investigation into what it described as “field executions” carried out by the Israeli army in the Gaza Strip, citing the recording of at least 137 execution operations since the start of the war on October 7.

The Gaza government’s media office stated in a press release that it has gathered testimonies indicating that field execution operations targeted more than 137 Palestinian civilians in the governorates of Gaza and the north, as reported by the (French Press Agency). The statement added, “The Zionist army dug large pits and placed dozens of citizens from our Palestinian people, while they were alive, and then executed them by direct gunfire, burying them with bulldozers.” The movement called for the formation of international teams to investigate the occupation’s crimes and field executions.

In response, the Israeli army, in a statement sent to the (French Press Agency), stated that it is “not currently aware of the described incident,” adding that it needs more details “to provide a clearer picture.” Earlier on Saturday, the spokesman for the Ministry of Health in the sector, Ashraf al-Qudra, said that the Israeli army killed dozens of Palestinians and executed others in the streets this week during its ground operations in Jabalia and other areas in the northern Gaza Strip.

Responding to a question from the (French Press Agency), the Israeli army did not specifically comment on the allegations of executions carried out by its soldiers, but it confirmed that its strikes are “against military targets in accordance with international law” and are carried out after “evaluating that the expected collateral damage to civilians and civilian property is not excessive compared to the expected military outcome of the attack.”

The United Nations Human Rights Commission announced on Wednesday that it had received reports indicating that Israeli forces “killed after brief procedures” 11 isolated Palestinians, which can be classified as a war crime, in the Gaza Strip. The Commission called on Israel to open an investigation into the “possibility of its forces committing a war crime,” and Israel stated that these accusations “have no basis in truth.”

Since October 7, the Israeli army has been waging a destructive war on Gaza, resulting in, until Saturday evening, 20,258 martyrs, 53,688 wounded, most of them children and women, extensive damage to infrastructure, and an unprecedented humanitarian catastrophe, according to sector authorities and the United Nations.

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