‘Healthy’ Foods Contribute to Rapid Weight Gain

Nutrition experts have warned that some foods considered healthy alternatives may contribute to rapid weight gain, such as butter, nuts, granola, and gluten-free foods.

A new report released by the nutritional analysis website Eat This Not That has highlighted six “deceptive” foods that can disrupt weight loss or maintenance plans.

Among these misleading foods, nuts, as explained by nutrition expert Kimberley Gomer, moderation in consumption is key, noting that it’s easy to overconsume large quantities of them.

Additionally, experts have cautioned against butter, nuts, and granola, which may contain high calories in addition to added fats and sugars.

Experts emphasized the importance of reducing portion sizes with some grains to avoid weight gain, pointing out that gluten-free grains may be rich in added sugars and fats.

Willer, a nutrition expert, said, “Many different brands have attempted to rebrand cereals as a healthy breakfast option, but generally, this product tends to lack nutritional value.”

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