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Houthis militia hit Khatam al-Ashari to death in Ibb and kidnapped her husband

According to many local reports, the Houthi militia group has kidnapped a pregnant woman’s husband that the Iran-backed terror group hit last month.

It was reported that Houthi militants hit Khatam al-Ashari to death in Ibb, with the presence of her four children during the last month, when Houthi attempted to attack the house to detain her husband, and many reports identified her name as Ahlam.

Moreover, local reports related that the Houthis arrested al-Ashari’s husband sometime this weekend when he was leaving his home in the al-Odain district in Ibb. In Facebook posts, families stated that Mohammed Muqbel al-Ashari left his house on Friday morning and was planning to head to the governorate’s capital Ibb. However, he had disappeared and they lost contact with him.

Furthermore, local sources in Ibb reported that Houthi militants associated with the Ibb security apparatus had kidnapped al-Ashari and took him to the Criminal Investigation Prison on a fabricated accusation of theft. Indeed, the death of Khatam al-Ashari by the Houthis last month produced a wide anger because she was pregnant at the time of her death.

Yemen’s Prime Minister Maeen Abdulmalik Saeed said in a tweet: The Houthis killing of the martyr Ahlam al-Ashari in her home and in front of her children is a heinous crime that clearly expresses the reality of this racist militia that has swallowed the blood of innocent Yemenis, blew up their homes and attacked their sanctities and honor. We cannot find peace and preserve dignity without resisting and defeating this criminal group.

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