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Houthis Turn Schools into Recruitment Centers and Fundraising Campaigns 

The Houthi terrorist militias have imposed a sectarian program on educational institutions in their controlled areas and launched celebrations of the Prophet’s birthday in several private and government schools.

Through the Ministry of Education in Sanaa. Houthi leaders have issued directives to hundreds of schools to initiate activities. and propaganda campaigns that promote sectarian ideas. enticing students to join their ranks, according to News Yemen.

The Houthi militias have compelled school administrations to paint schools in green. displaying slogans that call for jihad .and financial donations under the guise of “supporting and championing the Prophet.” among other banners that the militias exploit to seize funds and recruit more fighters to send to the frontlines.

Houthi leaders are keen on attending. and launching sectarian events within schools. exploiting these occasions to attract more fighters .and instill misguided ideas inspired by the Iranian approach in the minds of young people.

The Houthi leader. Abdul Karim Al-Marouni. appointed to the position of advisor to the Minister of Interior, tours the schools of Al-Safiya District in order to launch sectarian activities. Ensure that schools adhere to circulars. under false cover and slogans; Among them are “consolidating the Houthi faith identity” and “protecting young people from Western ideas.” 

The Houthi leadership exploits many events held within schools to deceive students. and push them to adopt the Houthi sectarian ideas that serve the Houthi project in Yemen.

In response to the situation, Yemen’s Information Minister, Muammar al-Iryani. stated that religious holidays .and celebrations have become seasons managed by militias to engage in unlawful extortion .and blackmail of Yemenis. moving from one house to another to seize their savings after looting their salaries and sources of livelihood. Even the food aid provided to them is seized.


The Yemeni minister pointed out that the Houthi group continues to exploit these occasions to collect billions to finance what it calls “the war effort.” while millions of citizens in Sanaa .and other areas under their control live below the poverty line and suffer from famine. They are deprived of their basic rights, including their salaries.

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