How does the terrorist Ennahdha movement continue its provocative operations within Tunisia’s institutions?

The terrorist Muslim Brotherhood continues to fight the new Tunisia, which has been rid of corruption and religious terrorism, after the dark decade of the Tunisian people under the rule of Ennahdha, the political arm of the terrorist Brotherhood.

The group has launched several operations to pit Tunisian President Kais Saied against the population, from coup attempts to storing basics and food supplies for a popular uprising against the Tunisian leader.

More recently, investigations into the issue of jobs and suspicious appointments during the Ennahdha Brotherhood’s rule revealed that 47,000 employees were hired on the basis of forged scientific certificates, the aim being the Muslim Brotherhood infiltration that threatens the Tunisian state.

The Muslim Brotherhood party is still trying to infiltrate government institutions again through its supporters, who were entrenched in power by Ennahdha years ago, and are merely working to obstruct the various reform processes that Kais Saied has embarked on.

Djerba attack as a pressure card

The Djerba attack also revealed that the government institutions have been infiltrated by the expelled Muslim Brotherhood party, especially as the attack came to pressure the Tunisian presidency in the face of unpopular terrorism. The attack targeted the Ghriba Synagogue in the Tunisian island of Djerba, which opened the door for infiltration of the Ministry of the Interior by the Brotherhood, and the need to protect the security establishment from hackers.

“In 2013, then-Interior Minister Lotfi Ben Jeddou acknowledged the existence of parallel security within his ministry, accusing those working in the ministry of being loyal to partisan groups.”

Control of the state’s joints

Tunisian researcher Maryam Azouz says: During the black decade, the Muslim Brotherhood organized and supported control over the joints of the state, where it can spread its ideas. When the popular rejection of this organization starts to take a larger and wider area, the best thing the people of Tunisia did was to reveal its hidden ideas and its unclear behavior. Its fall was real but it is still tampering with the joints of the state in order to search for a return.

Azouz added: For nearly a hundred years, the Muslim Brotherhood organization was put to the test of life, people, and governance. Its fall was inevitable. Moreover, its rise was fake and was linked to slogans that have nothing to do with the reality of the organization.

Time has proven that the Brotherhood is a mobile factory for chaos. They do not believe in the idea of the homeland or in others who are intellectually or religiously different, and they do not believe in citizenship.

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