How the Muslim Brotherhood Supported a Major Plan to Destroy Sudan

By propagating chaos and terrorism, the Muslim Brotherhood directly exploits any anarchy and any war in any Arab country to level arbitrary accusations, fabricate lies, and spread rumors, all while being an extremist movement that opposes anything that serves and benefits the people.

International Warnings

A report from the Roaya News network reveals that Sudanese people are living in dire humanitarian conditions, reaching the level of catastrophe, in displacement camps in the Darfur region, in addition to the casualties. The war raging in Sudan for over a year has led to starvation and the death of thousands of children due to malnutrition and the spread of epidemics, amidst disrupted food and medical supplies.

The Darfur region is one of the Sudanese regions where all kinds of serious human rights violations have been committed for two decades, and after the outbreak of the current war on April 15, 2023, it has put an end to social, psychological, economic, and cultural aspects of life.

International organizations have warned against the use of food and medicine as weapons of starvation, emphasizing the need to open humanitarian corridors to deliver food and medical aid to displaced persons in Darfur and conflict-affected areas in Sudan.

The Brotherhood’s Plan

On this point, Sudanese political analyst Mohamed Attiyab states that the Muslim Brotherhood is the one driving the country towards war, even its continuation significantly during the current period. He points out that no one in Sudan has an interest in war except for the remnants of the ousted regime, to block the democratic transition process and dismantle their structure within the state’s civilian and military institutions.

He adds that the Muslim Brotherhood has sought and worked hard recently to drag the country into war in order to prevent any final political agreement that would return the path of democratic transition and the formation of a new civilian authority.

The central goal of the Muslim Brotherhood organization is not to regain power in the literal sense, but to create chaotic conditions in Sudan to be able to enjoy the privileges they have obtained and ensure that their members will not be held accountable for the crimes committed during their rule.

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