How will artificial intelligence change the shape of wars in the future?

A retired American admiral stated that artificial intelligence will be beneficial in three aspects in future wars, with making unmanned aerial vehicles a greater threat during the mid-century being the foremost.

Retired Admiral James Stavridis mentioned that artificial intelligence would be helpful in logistics and maintenance, by enabling the prediction of the need for specific maintenance functions and ensuring spare parts availability, according to the American network CNN.

Stavridis added: “Artificial intelligence will allow the commander, let’s say I was the captain of a destroyer – and that’s what I was – if I had an artificial intelligence advising me in the decision-making process, then artificial intelligence would have access to every naval battle ever fought. It could sweep the horizon of history and whisper in the commander’s ear: you really should think about this.”

Regarding the third benefit, he continued: “We have seen the boundaries of this in Ukraine. Swarms of drones gathering together in highly effective ways. Right now, it can’t be entirely done, but artificial intelligence will make unmanned aerial vehicles a greater threat in the mid-century.”

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