Dozens of Civilians, Including Children, Killed by Sudanese Army Airstrike on Qandahar Market

The Sudanese army‘s warplanes targeted the famous Qandahar market west of Omdurman city on Saturday, causing the death of dozens of civilians, including children who worked in the market known for its food service activities and frequented by citizens and families from various parts of the capital, Khartoum.

The Rapid Support Forces condemned the incident in a statement on Saturday, describing it as a continuation of the army’s heinous crimes against civilians and defenseless innocents, and as a regrettable massacre.

The statement read: “While we condemn these inhumane acts against innocent civilians, we call on the international community and those concerned with humanitarian issues to act to put an end to the crimes of the military aviation, to denounce this barbaric behavior, and to condemn the orders issued by the leaders of the power gang in Sudan to continue bombing populated neighborhoods since they ignited the war on April 15th.”

The statement continued: “We affirm our support for our people in confronting these brutal acts and pursuing the criminals until the last stronghold of terrorism in our country is destroyed, and rebuilding Sudan on new foundations of justice and democracy.”

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