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Hussein Mortada: Maker of Illusory Media Accused of Homosexuality

Among the foremost producers of pro-Hezbollah media in Lebanon, closely tied personally to Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah, is Lebanese journalist Hussein Mortada. Recent news has circulated regarding his “homosexuality” as well as his arrest in Syria in an apartment deemed indecent for immoral activities.

Lebanese journalist Hussein Mortada is currently in the spotlight after a conflict on social media with the Israeli army spokesperson. Additionally, former Israeli journalist Edy Cohen released an old audio recording of a former media employee after leaving Syria, starting to attack media personalities, including Lebanese journalist Hussein Mortada, accusing him of engaging in scandalous relationships with women in Syria.

So, who is Hussein Mortada, the pro-Hezbollah journalist?

Recently, a leaked audio recording by an anchorwoman from the Iranian channel Al-Alam revealed the reasons behind the expulsion of its Lebanese director, Hussein Mortada, from its Syria office. Former Lebanese anchorwoman of Al-Alam channel, Hanadi Ibrahim, confirmed that Hussein Mortada had engaged in sexual relations with some of his colleagues in the Syrian office.

Hussein Mortada spent eight years as a correspondent for the Iranian channel Al-Alam on the battlefields in Syria, accompanying Iranian militias and the Lebanese Hezbollah.

Of Lebanese nationality, Hussein Mortada hails from the city of Hermel, born in 1972 in Tall al-Zaatar, Beirut. He began his media career through Shiite religious institutions, joining the Imam Mahdi Scouts Association in his childhood. Before completing his secondary education, he joined what is called the “general mobilization.” After graduating in political science, he was appointed director of a school affiliated with Shiite charities in Lebanon. He then applied to the Al-Alam channel office in Tehran at its launch in 2000 to work there. He remained in Tehran until 2010, when he was appointed director and correspondent of its office in Damascus.

With the outbreak of the war in Syria in 2011, Mortada accompanied Iranian militias and the Lebanese Hezbollah in battles in Aleppo, Homs, the Ghouta, and other cities. He was injured several times and eventually was transported to a hospital in Beirut for surgery.

Mortada has stirred hatred and resentment among opponents due to his videos regularly broadcast on his news pages on social media. These videos are often filled with incitement, provocation, ridicule, and threats. His mockery of the displaced and ridicule of their journey in the green buses assigned by the regime for their displacement after the takeover of their areas are among the harshest examples.

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