In a Hellish Manner… Egyptian Girl Kills Her Father by Burning Him 

A girl caused the gruesome death of her father in a horrifying manner by opening a gas cylinder and filling the house with gas, which resulted in the father catching fire when he tried to light a cigarette.

Security sources reported that the 15-year-old daughter committed this act “in revenge against her father due to his separation from her mother and his physical abuse towards her.”

The crime took place in the city of Atfih in Giza, south of Cairo. The police received a notification of a fire inside an apartment and the death of a man who had caught fire. Upon the arrival of the police, criminal evidence teams, and the public prosecution to the site of the fire, they found a charred body of a person, identified as the apartment owner.

According to a security source, authorities had suspicions that the gas cylinder had been deliberately left open. This led the investigative teams to begin searching for clues to solve the puzzle of the incident. The source explained that “investigations revealed that the victim (36 years old) had recently separated from his wife, and he was only living with his daughter.”

The police summoned the daughter, and it was confirmed that she hadn’t suffered any injuries from the fire. During her questioning, she began to stumble and gave conflicting statements about the reason for her absence from home during the fire. “When pressure was applied, she confessed to opening the gas cylinder.”

According to the security source, the girl recounted the details, saying that “her father was addicted to drugs, which led to constant fights with her mother, who failed to keep him away from drugs. He separated from her.” The source added, “According to the confession of the accused girl, she endured difficult days with her father after her mother’s separation and her return to her parents’ house. Her father constantly physically abused her whenever she criticized him for spending money on drugs.”

The girl explained to the security personnel that she “planned to get rid of her father in revenge for his abuse and his separation from her mother. She seized the opportunity when he lit cigarettes filled with drugs in their home. She opened the gas cylinder, filled the apartment with gas, locked it from the outside, and as soon as her father lit the cigarette, the place caught fire.”

According to the security source, the accused daughter was referred to the juvenile prosecution on Sunday for investigation and to take the necessary legal actions.

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