In a “Terrifying” incident, a huge crocodile swallows a woman

Terrifying footage shows a massive 14-foot crocodile carrying the body of a 41-year-old woman inside its belly in the Clearwater area of Florida, USA. The crocodile attacked and ate Sabrina Beckham after dragging her into the water.

Sabrina Beckham was living in a camp near the incident site, homeless at the time. New footage from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission details the fatal attack.

The video shows the massive crocodile surrounded by police before it is shot. Its stomach was visibly swollen with Beckham inside. The police released footage of the moment the beast was shot.

After her mother’s death, Sabrina Beckham’s daughter confirmed that her mother was not provoking the animal. Brianna Dorris explained that her mother was part of the homeless population living near the area’s forests.

It is believed that Sabrina Beckham might have been walking in the dark when the crocodile attacked her from the water. Before her death, Sabrina Beckham was charged in July with trespassing on wetlands and was fined. She had previous records for similar charges, including an admission of assault on others’ property.

Her daughter expressed her sadness and regret for what happened to her mother, stating that she did not deserve such a fate.

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