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In order to generate money, the Houthi militia rents schools for the benefit of its leaders

The Houthi militia rents schools for the benefit of its leaders


In order to generate money, the Iranian-backed terrorist Houthi militia in Yemen doesn’t care about the future of Yemeni children. After continuous attempts to recruit children and manipulate their minds by injecting sectarianism into the curriculum. which in turn was like a knife in the students’ backs.

Recently, the group embarked on new attempts to undermine education in the country by renting out the rooftops of schools, which are considered the future of Yemen and its future men. This ultimately leads to the destruction of the country in the future.

Sabotaging the Education Sector

The terrorist Houthi militias repeatedly try to sabotage the education sector in the areas under their control from all angles. This includes curricula that promote sectarianism. and sanctify Iran’s references and the Houthis. It also extends to not paying teachers’ salaries and subjecting them to security harassment.

Recently, they have resorted to exploiting schools and renting them out for the benefit of the terrorist militia’s leaders, at a time when the Yemeni people are suffering from extreme poverty.

Renting Schools

The Houthi coup militias have recently rented dozens of government schools in Sana’a to benefit the owners of private power generation stations and telecommunications companies. in order to generate substantial financial returns, without considering the impact on children.

Houthi leaders and influential figures in the education and training office in Sana’a have entered into agreements to rent school rooftops for the benefit of power generation stations .and telecommunications companies. in exchange for significant monthly financial returns that go to the Houthi leaders.

These agreements are part of a suspicious corruption process and are in violation of the law. They involve installing solar panels for the owners of power generation stations .and erecting communication towers on the rooftops of government schools.

Radiation Warnings for Children’s Future

The rooftops of the Saba’a government school in Sana’a alone have been rented to the owner of a private power generation station for over 1.2 million riyals per month. Doctors have warned of future health hazards that will affect students due to radiation. and frequencies from communication towers, which could lead to various types of cancer such as leukemia and breast cancer. as well as psychological and neurological disorders like Alzheimer’s. This can also affect women’s fertility, fetal deformities, and physiological changes in the nervous system.

Yemeni political analyst Marzouk Al-Sayyadi says that the Houthi militia is stealing money from Yemenis by renting out the rooftops of more than twenty schools to private power companies. which place solar panels on them to generate electricity during daylight hours and sell it to citizens at excessively high prices. He confirms that these companies also follow the terrorist militias.

Al-Sayyadi adds that the monthly rental amounts for school rooftops range from three hundred to four hundred thousand riyals, of which teachers receive nothing. These revenues are distributed among school administrations and the Houthi militia leaders in the education office in the kidnapped capital. where the militias are responsible for signing these contracts with private electricity companies and telecommunications tower companies.

Teachers have opposed this exploitative approach by the Houthi militias from schools and their deprivation of the benefits of this exploitation.and their indifference to the risks facing employees and students due to solar energy systems.

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