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International and humanitarian aid to save the lives of women and children in Yemen

International and humanitarian aid has been sent to save the lives of women and children in Yemen

The nine-year-long war has left Yemen without safety or a decent life, with the situation becoming dire and the Yemeni people struggling to find hope in life. The future for women and children in Yemen appears bleak.

The Houthi militia’s control, armed with weapons, forces women and children to join their war against the legitimate forces of the Yemeni people. Moreover, they loot the Yemeni people and the aid that reaches them.

Deteriorating conditions

The humanitarian situation in Yemen has deteriorated due to the conflict conditions and the lack of international funding. The killing of UN officials has made securing international funding extremely challenging, while the Houthis continue their terrorist operations and steal aid intended for the Yemeni people.

The Houthis control aid money that comes from the United Nations, using it to purchase weapons from Iran to kill the Yemeni people.

According to UN reports, more than 5 million women in Yemen face limited or no access to reproductive health services, including 1.5 million pregnant women suffering from severe malnutrition.

The needs of women and girls in Yemen remain significant and urgent. They require protection and healthcare services to survive amidst one of the world’s worst crises.

Aid worth $228 million

The United Kingdom and the United States have separately announced new aid packages of around $228 million to support Yemeni women and children.

The British Foreign Office stated that the humanitarian aid program, valued at $205 million, aims to provide healthcare for women and children affected by the war in Yemen. The four-year program will offer healthcare services to approximately one million children and women annually, including nutrition, clean drinking water, sanitation, maternal and reproductive health services, and protection against violence.

The crisis in Yemen continues to inflict suffering on millions of Yemenis, with women and children being among the hardest-hit.

Contribution to protect women and girls

The United States Agency for International Development’s humanitarian aid office has contributed $23 million to the United Nations Population Fund to provide life-saving emergency relief and reproductive health services for 1.3 million of the most vulnerable women and girls in Yemen.

The United Nations Population Fund indicated that the USAID’s support will enable comprehensive and integrated reproductive health, protection, mental health, and psychosocial support in 14 hospitals and four mobile clinics. It will also support 20 safe spaces for women and girls to provide social and psychosocial care and immediate life-saving assistance for families who recently fled conflict or natural disasters through the United Nations Population Fund’s Rapid Response Mechanism.

Houthi theft of aid

Experts believe that the Houthi terrorist militia deliberately looted state revenues and hindered aid access since they have been responsible for a continuous 9-year-long war. The militia obstructs the circulation of the national currency in the areas under its control as part of its systematic policies to impoverish and starve citizens, using them as tools of war and exploiting their humanitarian suffering while stealing aid to buy weapons.

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