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Interpol would deploy a team to Lebanon to assist in the investigations about the explosion in Beirut

Interpol reported on Friday that it would send a group to Lebanon to help in the emergency response and the investigation that has been carried out about the explosion of Beirut, this huge blast that killed more than 150, and injured over 5.000 and left a lot of missing.

A statement from the international agency reported: At the request of Lebanese authorities, INTERPOL is deploying a specialized IRT to Beirut following the explosion that resulted in the death of more than 150 people and destroyed a large swathe of the city.

Furthermore, the statement declared that the Incident Response Team (IRT) is being sent to help local authorities in their emergency response and investigation: INTERPOL’s IRTs are deployed at the request of a member country during a crisis situation and are tailored to the specific nature of the disaster or crime and the requirements of the requesting country.

Multiple explosions at Beirut Port, last Tuesday, damaged buildings and large parts of the capital. According to Lebanese officials, there were 2.750 tons of ammonium nitrate stored inside a warehouse. While the principal cause of the explosions remains unclear, and Lebanese authorities have opened an investigation. Nevertheless, Nevertheless, Lebanese President Michel Aoun reported on Friday that an international investigation would be violating Lebanon’s sovereignty, rejecting attempts to internationalize efforts to find out the real raison.

The residents of Lebanon have appealed for an international investigation; they have a doubt about the transparency of any government work or institutions.

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