Investigation on the crimes of Erdogan’s mercenaries in Libya

Investigation on the crimes of Erdogan’s mercenaries in Libya
Intervention of Turkish in Libya

A report published by the Inspector General of the US Department of Defense
calls for an investigation about the crimes committed by the mercenaries of the Turkish president in Libyan territories
What are these crimes ?
The participation of thousands of Tunisians in the combat in Libya
The transfer of 17,000 Syrian mercenaries and 10,000 foreign terrorists
Offer citizenship to thousands of mercenaries who fight with the Tripoli militia against the Libyan army
Smuggling of arms and military equipment to the Al Wefaq Government
The Ambassador of US “Richard Norland” met Turkish officials in Ankara
to end the conflict in Libya and ask Turkey to remove the mercenaries.
territoriale de la Libye »

US Embassy in Libya: “Ambassador Norland today discussed in Ankara with senior Turkish officials the urgent need to support Libyan voices who looking for ending the conflict and return to political dialogue facilitated by the United Nations, with full respect for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Libya”

On the other party of the report,
Turkey still insists on supporting and assisting the Al Wefaq government
under the supervision, training and arming of Libyan militias in Tripoli.
The Turkish Defense Minister also confirms that Ankara will not back down from Libya.
The Libyan national army alerts against the attempts to maintain armed groups in the Libyan capital.
Where Libya is going ?

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