Iraq: Criminalization of Eye Color Change Procedures in Beauty Centers

The Iraqi Medical Syndicate has criminalized eye color change procedures in beauty centers, restricting them to specialized doctors and warning that these procedures can cause blindness.

Dr. Jassem Al-Azzawi, a member of the syndicate, told “Erem News” that “inspection teams have detected beauty centers and cosmetic doctors performing eye color change procedures due to high demand, especially for blue and green colors.”

He added that “scientific research from specialized Iraqi medical universities indicates that these procedures, whether using lasers or implanted lenses, are dangerous and can cause blindness in the event of a medical error or if performed by non-specialists in eye surgery.”

According to Al-Azzawi, the syndicate emphasized that “eye color change procedures are illegal and unauthorized, and any center violating this by performing such procedures will face legal actions.”

The Iraqi Medical Syndicate frequently shuts down beauty centers in the country, especially those that are unauthorized or do not comply with operational regulations.

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