Mark Zuckerberg Angers Tunisians with Phrase on His Shirt

A shirt worn by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has sparked outrage among activists on social media.

Zuckerberg posted a picture on his official page wearing a shirt that read in Latin “Carthago Delenda Est,” which means “Carthage must be destroyed.”

The photo, which angered Tunisians, showed the young billionaire celebrating his 40th birthday with his family and Microsoft founder Bill Gates.

The phrase is historically attributed to the famous politician of the Roman Republic, Marcus Porcius Cato, or Cato the Elder, and it means “Carthage must be destroyed.” Cato, a prominent politician of the Roman Republic, said this in the second century BC.

While some downplayed the significance of the matter, others found Mark Zuckerberg‘s action to be inappropriate and provocative to the Tunisian people.

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