ISIS and the Muslim Brotherhood… al-Baghdadi’s wife reveals “the missing link”

Despite attempts to distance itself from the tainted blood that links it to ISIS, every testimony confirms that the Muslim Brotherhood organization is the womb that gave birth to terrorism.

This is what a new testimony from Asmaa Muhammad, the first wife of the former leader of ISIS, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, affirmed in a new episode aired later on Friday by the channel “Al Arabiya”.

During this appearance, Asmaa continued to disclose details and secrets about the leader of the organization that terrorized the world for years and was killed in 2019.

This time, she addressed her husband’s relationship with the Muslim Brotherhood, a connection the latter is desperately trying to distance himself from.

Among the secrets revealed by Asmaa during the interview is the relationship between Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and the Muslim Brotherhood organization, stating that her husband leaned towards the ideology of the Muslim Brotherhood.

She also indicated that he betrayed Jabhat al-Nusra, accusing al-Qaeda of apostasy and doctrinal deviation.

Shock Asmaa also revealed that she was shocked when her husband prevented her from praying for her father, casting doubt on his faith.

She said, “He prevented me from praying for my father,” indicating that this led her to doubt her own belief.

She also confirmed that she refused the idea of her son “Huzaifa” marrying at the age of 15, considering his marriage at that age as “ridiculous” because he was still a child despite carrying a weapon at that time.

She also refused her son’s marriage to the daughter of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the leader of the “Al-Qaeda” organization in Iraq, but in the end, her son married her brother’s daughter, and she said that her son “Huzaifa” was killed and she still doesn’t know where his body is.

Last week, Iraqi judicial authorities announced the interrogation of the “family” of the former ISIS leader, stating that they had been retrieved from abroad, without further details.

The statement released on the website of the Iraqi Supreme Judicial Council did not specify the number of al-Baghdadi‘s family members arrested, their identities, or from which country they were retrieved.

However, an Iraqi judicial source told “France Press” that “the intelligence services, in cooperation with the Turkish authorities, recovered Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi‘s wife and children,” adding that she “was detained in Turkey.”

Asmaa Muhammad had been detained in Turkey since June 2018, in the province of Hatay, bordering Syria, but Turkish authorities did not announce her arrest until November 2019.

At that time, Turkish authorities stated that al-Baghdadi‘s widow was arrested along with ten other people, including her daughter Leila, and a Turkish official then stated that she was al-Baghdadi‘s “first wife.”

After ISIS seized vast territories in Syria and Iraq in 2014, the terrorist organization suffered successive defeats in both countries, eventually being stripped of all its areas of control in 2019.

Iraq announced its victory over ISIS at the end of 2017, but the organization still retains some cells in remote and distant areas in the north of the country, occasionally launching attacks against the army and security forces.

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