The Muslim Brotherhood’s Principles Leading to Society’s Disconnection from Scientific Progress

An expert in political Islam stated that the Muslim Brotherhood‘s dominance in confining discussions to religious issues leads to society being disconnected from scientific progress and human advancement. Additionally, there is a prevalence of the principle of justified violence to seize power, attempting to play the role of the guardian faction of religion.

Dr. Wael Saleh, the expert, in an interview with Cairo News Channel, highlighted that the values and principles of the Muslim Brotherhood, listed as terrorist organizations in many countries, contradict citizenship and communal living, leading to violence, social fragmentation, and civil wars. He pointed out that Egypt succeeded in debunking the false image of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Furthermore, studies confirm that incitement to violence or providing an ideological cover for violence cannot be overlooked in any objective definition of terrorism. Understanding the extremism of terrorist groups cannot be achieved without defining these groups specifically.

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