Judge of Compassion: My Family Is the Secret, and This Is the True Concept of Justice

Frank Caprio, the Chief Judge of the Providence Municipal Court in the state of Rhode Island, USA, reveals some aspects of his personality that have attracted the attention of millions around the world. and his perspective on justice and how he handles cases.

The Family Secret

Judge Frank Caprio says that what makes him close to millions of people around the world is ‘my family and the way I was raised, my parents. and relatives.’

He continues: ‘My mother is one of nine siblings. and my father is one of ten siblings. I was fortunate to have many relatives living in the same area.’


He adds: ‘I grew up watching my parents set an example of compassion and understanding for others. This truly comes from the family and family unity.’

Question: If judges around the world followed your approach. would justice be achieved?

There are many judges who perform their duties wonderfully. They deal with different cases, some of them involving crimes .and serious matters, and there is usually not much room for leniency in these cases.

However, I hope that everyone standing in the court. can take into consideration the personal circumstances of those they are dealing with.

Some of the people I have dealt with in court were parents with four or five children. and they had fines they couldn’t afford to pay. So, I put myself in their shoes. plain and simple.

Question: How do you balance justice and compassion?

You cannot ask people to do the impossible. If a mother with four children has fines totaling $500 for traffic violations. many of which may have occurred while taking care of her family, then what I would theoretically do is seize the mother‘s car.

The car would be towed and placed in an impound lot belonging to the entity that carried out the towing. and then they would seize the car.

The question here is: Has justice been achieved? The true definition of justice is to give each person what they deserve. Some may believe that violators deserve this. but I believe that the circumstances they are going through dictate that it is not in the best interest of society or themselves to issue such judgments. so it is not wrong for us to show some understanding, compassion, and love.

Family Feelings in the UAE

Judge Frank Caprio also spoke about the warm reception he received during his visit to the United Arab Emirates. speaking about the kindness and understanding of the Emirati people towards others.

He said he noticed the strength of family bonds in Emirati society. adding that he received warmth as if he were in his own country. as if he were a member of the family in the UAE.

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