Khaled Al Mishri, “hidden godfather of Turkey” in Libya

A stressful time in Tripoli, Libya
Residents are angry at deteriorating living conditions, reduced levels of services
and a disagreement between militias affiliated with the Al-Wefaq government
which has extended into an attempted coup against Al-Sarraj, led by its Minister of the Interior Fathi Bashagha
With the support of Muslim Brotherhood chief Khaled al-Mishri, one of the most important centers of power in Al-Wefaq’s government
He is the head of the Supreme State Advisory Council
and to whom the Presidency Council can only decide with reference to it.
Al-Mashri is considered the first man of Turkey in Tripoli
while the Al-Sarraj government frequently gives him the tasks of meetings, which are sensitive, with the Turks.
He plays an important role in shining the Turkish role
He helps Erdogan to get rid of his actions in the Libyan West
and to legitimize the Turkish intervention in the country
Al-Mashri is the initiator of all declarations that support Turkish arrangements on Libyan territory
He joined Bashagha in organizing the Muslim Brotherhood movement, with the support of Turkey and the help of militias from Misrata
against militias from Tripoli loyal to Al-Sarraj
Al-Mishri is considered the godfather of the border demarcation deal and the security and military cooperation between Ankara and Tripoli
which led to the Turkish invasion of Libya.

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