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Syrian air defenses intercept missiles fired by an Israeli warplane

State news agency SANA reported in the second such Israeli attack this week that Syrian air defenses intercepted on Wednesday missiles shot by an Israeli warplane at an airbase in central Syria

SANA declared citing a military source: An aircraft belonging to the Israeli enemy fired this evening a number of missiles… towards the T4 airbase and our air defenses intercepted most of them.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights based in Britain affirmed that attack on the airbase in Homs province and said that Israel was likely responsible.

According to the Observatory, which is a war monitor, the attack of Wednesday was the second this week, after that Israeli attacks on Monday killed one civilian, three government soldiers, and seven allied foreign fighters.

The Observatory also declared that attacks of Monday targeted Syrian army positions south of Damascus and positions of paramilitaries backed by Iran including combatants of the Lebanese Hezbollah movement, in the southern province of Daraa.

Indeed, Israel has conducted hundreds of attacks in Syria since the civil war in 2011, pointing Iranian and Hezbollah forces and government troops. While the Israeli army rarely admits individual attacks, however, it reported on August 3 that it had used fighter jets, attack helicopters, and other warplanes to strike Syrian military targets in southern Syria.

The leader of Hezbollah, Hassan Nasrallah, alerted on Sunday that the group would kill an Israeli soldier for each of its fighters killed by Israel, after one of its fighters was slain in an Israeli attack in Syria on July 20.

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