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Kuwait Emir expressed his happiness about the unceasing efforts to solve the Gulf disagreement

According to a statement by the Kuwait News Agency, Kuwait’s Emir related that he is happy with the success reached and the unceasing efforts to solve the Gulf conflict.

The statement posted on KUNA reported: The historic achievement that has been achieved through the continuous and constructive efforts that have been made recently to reach a final agreement to resolve the dispute that arose between the brothers, which confirmed through it all the parties are keen on solidarity, cohesion and Gulf and Arab stability.

The Kuwaiti emir also expressed its thanks to US President Donald Trump for his supportive efforts, which reflect the United States of America’s commitment to maintaining security and stability in the region.

Indeed, Kuwait’s foreign minister stated this day that there is progress in resolving the dispute that has seen Saudi Arabia and its allies boycott Qatar since June 2017

In a statement read out on state television, Sheikh Ahmad Nasser al-Sabah said: Fruitful discussion has taken place recently in which all sides expressed their keenness … to reach a final agreement, expressing gratitude to White House senior adviser Jared Kushner for his recent efforts.

On his part, Saudi Arabia’s Foreign Minister Prince Faisal bin Farhan tweeted on Friday that Saudi Arabia said that it appreciates the efforts made by Kuwait to bridge the gap of viewpoints about the Gulf crisis.

Prince Faisal also said: We consider with great appreciation the efforts made by the sisterly State of Kuwait to bridge the gap in viewpoints regarding the Gulf crisis, and we thank the American efforts in this regard, and we look forward to it being successful for the benefit and good of the region.

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