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Saudi Arabia’s Foreign Minister: Iran keeps funding terrorist militias in the region

Saudi Arabia’s Foreign Minister Prince, Faisal bin Farhan, related during his panel discussion at the Med Dialogue that Iran remains funding terrorist militias in the region while Iranian terrorist groups execute operations in Europe.

Prince Faisal stated during his talk that the Kingdom supports dialogue between US and Iran, but Tehran is the one who closes the door on dialogue.

The Saudi Arabian foreign minister also related that the Kingdom said that it backs a just peace pact that gives the Palestinians an independent state. Only few moments before the start of his panel talk, the Saudi foreign minister said in a tweet that Saudi Arabia appreciates the efforts made by Kuwait to bridge the gap of viewpoints about the Gulf crisis.

In response to the first question posed by William F. Wechsler, Director of the Rafik Hariri Center for the Middle East and Middle East Programs, Saudi foreign minister answered: We’ve made significant progress in the last few days thanks to the continuing efforts of Kuwait but also thanks to the strong support of President Trump and the US administration towards bringing all parties closer.

Prince Faisal also said: And we hope that this progress can lead to a final agreement which looks in reach and I can say I am somewhat optimistic that we are close to finalizing an agreement between all the nations in the dispute to come to a resolution that we think will be satisfactory to all.

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