Marilyn Monroe’s House Classified as a Historic Landmark

Marilyn Monroe’s former home in Los Angeles has been designated a historic landmark by the city’s municipality to prevent the demolition of the property where the famous actress died.

The decision was unanimously approved, allowing city authorities to protect the house located in the affluent Brentwood neighborhood, recently acquired by two wealthy Americans who wanted to tear it down. Councilwoman Traci Park said, “There is no person or place in Los Angeles more famous and significant than Marilyn Monroe and her home in Brentwood.”

She added, “Some of Monroe’s most famous photos were taken in this house and near its pool,” adding, “Marilyn tragically died in this house, making her forever tied to this place.”

Monroe bought this single-story property, which is 270 square meters, in 1962, right after her divorce from writer Arthur Miller.

In this house, invisible from the street, the star’s body was found only six months after moving in, due to an overdose of drugs. She was only 36 years old. The property has changed hands several times since Monroe’s death, but controversy arose last year when Americans Breana Milstein and Roy Bank purchased it.

The couple, who own a neighboring house, acquired the property for $8.35 million and planned to demolish it for expansion. However, city authorities quickly canceled the demolition permit due to the house’s historical significance.

This decision led the new owners to take the matter to court, but it has yet to be resolved.

Classifying the house as a historic landmark does not prevent demolition, but it requires strict scrutiny by the city’s heritage commission.

The couple has proposed moving the house to make it accessible to Monroe fans, a proposal that is still under consideration, according to Park.

The councilwoman said, “My team and I have worked closely with the owners to assess the possibility of moving the house to a location where the public can visit and spend time in it.”

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