Counterfeit Alcohol Claims the Lives of 47 People in India

A government official stated on Friday that the latest incident of consuming contaminated and counterfeit alcoholic beverages in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu has claimed the lives of 47 people, with more than a hundred others still receiving treatment in hospitals.

According to Reuters, since Wednesday, more than 150 people have fallen ill, suffering from vomiting, stomach pain, and diarrhea, and were subsequently taken to the hospital for treatment. These symptoms occurred after consuming an alcoholic drink mixed with methanol and produced in the Kalakurichi area, about 250 kilometers from the state capital, Chennai.

The official added that 118 people were still receiving treatment in regional and nearby hospitals as of Friday morning.

The state government announced on Thursday that the police had arrested four individuals for selling counterfeit alcohol and had confiscated 200 liters of it. Additionally, disciplinary actions were taken against ten officials for failing to prevent this incident.

Deaths from consuming illicitly produced alcoholic beverages are common in India, where many people cannot afford to buy alcohol from well-known brands. Citizens and activists have called for strict measures against the sellers of counterfeit products.

The state government stated that it is taking measures to identify those involved in the production of methanol, a toxic chemical usually used for industrial purposes.

Last year, more than ten people died in a similar incident in a nearby area in the state of Tamil Nadu.

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