Microsoft launches a virtual assistant to encourage the use of artificial intelligence

Microsoft is preparing to launch its new virtual assistant, “Microsoft 365 CoPilot”, soon, as part of the company’s efforts to encourage developers to utilize artificial intelligence technology.

According to a report by Business Insider, “the company is currently conducting pilot tests to increase the use of artificial intelligence tools, and intends to roll out this feature more widely among its teams for the first time.”

Generative AI technology is used in the CoPilot tool, developed using large language models from the “OpenAI” project.

This new assistant tool is part of the Office and Microsoft 365 suite, including programs such as Word, Outlook, and Teams.

Microsoft collaborated with “OpenAI”, the developer of the famous chatbot “ChatGPT”, and invested in it to enhance its operations.

Thanks to the continuous growth of cloud computing, Microsoft has become one of the most valuable companies globally, surpassing Apple.

Microsoft began selling the “CoPilot” subscription for $30 per month in November 2023, enabling users to summarize their incoming mailbox and create presentations.

Just days ago, Microsoft began testing a new feature in the Xbox app for smartphones, which involves using a digital interface with control buttons on the phone screen, without the need for an external Bluetooth-enabled controller.

According to a report published in The Verge, the experimental update for the smartphone screen allows it to turn into a controller when using the application interface and enjoying games, making the user experience closely resemble the Microsoft Cloud Gaming app interface.

According to the report, all games available on the Xbox app will support the use of the new digital control interface.

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