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Military parade exposes houthi militias’ lies

An Emirati newspaper has revealed the falsehood of the military display conducted by the terrorist Houthi militias last Thursday in Sanaa.

The ballistic missiles, drones, naval mines, armed boats, and armored combat vehicles showcased are nothing more than a mix of models and worn-out weapons looted from the arsenal of the former Yemeni army.

According to the newspaper, the Houthi militias aimed to display non-existent strength in their military parade, claiming to have manufactured these weapons themselves.

The Houthi militias presented eight types of naval mines with names like “Thaqib,” “Karar,” “Mujahid 1 and 2,“Oweis,” “Majzoor 1 and 2,” and “Aasif.”

Except for two Iranian types, named “Sadaf” and “Qa’a,” the Houthi militias use a single primitive mine the size of a household gas cylinder, which they overtly modify in appearance and assign eight different names to, according to a military source.

As for the vehicles, the Houthi militias did not hesitate to propagate their lies. They claimed to have manufactured 54 armored vehicles under the name of one of their deceased leaders, called “Hani Tawmor.”

A military source said, “The combat vehicles ‘Hani’ displayed by the Houthis are, in fact, the ‘Hamidah’ and ‘Shumj’ armored vehicles that were previously available to the Yemeni army. The militias looted them from the camps following the coup at the end of 2014, and hundreds of them were destroyed.”

The Houthi insurgents also claimed to have manufactured naval boats, including “Zurq” and “Aasif 1 and 2” and “Tufan,” alleging that they have multiple combat tasks, including intercepting moving maritime targets, raiding ships, and assaulting islands.

In this context, the source stated, “The patrol boats and naval boats were not locally manufactured. They were provided as part of international assistance to secure Yemeni ports before the Houthi coup in 2014. The militias looted them from the Hodeidah port and used them in military displays.”

As for the missiles, the Houthi propaganda display recently included models of 32 types of ballistic missiles, including ground-to-ground, ground-to-air, ground-to-sea missiles. The Houthi militias claimed that they were locally manufactured and unveiled eight new missiles with various names, including “Borkan,” “Falaq,” and “Dhu al-Faqar.”

According to the source, all the missiles used by the Houthi militias are from the arsenal of the former Yemeni army. These missiles include “Scud” missiles, Korean “Musudan” missiles, Russian “Tochka” and “Iskander” missiles, in addition to Iranian-made missiles smuggled through the Hodeidah port and other sea ports under Houthi control.

The Houthi militias also displayed 13 types of drones, including “Rajoum,” “Rased,” “Khatif 2,” “Raqqib,” “Qasef,” “Samad 1, 2, and 3,” “Mirsad 1 and 2,” and “Aid 1 and 2.” These are all Iranian-made drones with reconnaissance, attack, and explosive capabilities, according to the source.

The source added that what the Houthis recently displayed are duplicates and modified models of the exhibited items in terms of external appearance.

The source noted, “The new thing this year is the participation of a number of aircraft in the display. These are, of course, aircraft from the Yemeni Air Force arsenal that have been inactive for nine years. If it weren’t for the suspension of air sorties by the coalition and everyone’s desire for peace, the Houthis would not have been able to mobilize these aircraft from their hangars.”

The Houthi militias had displayed a single warplane of the “F-5” model for the first time, but it was just a part of the former Yemeni army’s arsenal, much like three helicopters of the “Mi8T,” “Mi17,” and “Mi171” models.

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