What are the risks in case of overdose?

Doliprane, or more broadly, paracetamol, is the drug that we tend to take the most easily. It serves us to fight the fevera headache, toothache or backache… In free sale in pharmacies, it is a drug that is very easy to access and that is easily taken when the first pains appear.

However, we must not forget that its use must remain casual and not become excessive. Doliprane remains a drug and a certain dosage must be respected. Otherwise, serious repercussions on health may be caused. The side effects therefore do not concern people who take paracetamol occasionally for a headache, for example. But rather those which absorb daily and in quantity (3 tablets of Doliprane 1000 per day) over a period of more than two weeks.

Overdose of Doliprane: an absence of symptoms

The Lille poison control center recalls that: “paracetamol poisoning is frequent: each year, the Lille poison control center registers more than 1000 calls for paracetamol poisoning. »

However, an overdose can prove to be fatal in the event of massive ingestion, in fragile peoplechildren and the elderly, in people with diseased liver or in case of delay in medicalization.

To recognize Doliprane poisoning, be careful:

potential digestive disorders;

nausea ;

vomitings ;



You should know that most of the time, people who have ingested too much Doliprane do not feel none of these symptoms. An absence of symptoms does not mean that it is not serious. It is very possible that the liver is suffering silently and, when the signs are there, it is often too late.

In case of massive ingestion of Doliprane, it is therefore recommended not to wait. It is possible to call his attending physician or directly a poison control centre. The latter can judge the seriousness of the poisoning and will prescribe the most appropriate course of action.

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