Mohamed Bashir Mansour: Secretary-General of Doctrine and Call… Who is he? 

Mohamed Bashir Mansour was born in the state of North Kordofan, where he received his primary education at Al-Beidha Al-Wustaa School, then secondary education at Al-Nahud School. Later, he joined the Islamic University of Omdurman, where he studied at the Faculty of Arts, Department of Journalism and Communication, and graduated from there in 1980.

He worked for 12 years in the field of education in the Republic of Yemen, then moved to Al Jazirah University where he was appointed dean of the Faculty of Communication Sciences. He then moved to work in the Ministry of Social Affairs.

He hosted the program “Morning Reminder” on Radio Wad Madani, and also had a program on Radio Al-Taesil titled “Divine Life”. He also worked as an editor at the Al Jazirah University newspaper, where he had a regular column titled “Words of the Scholars”.

Mohamed Bashir Mansour held the position of Secretary-General of the Sudanese Scholars Association in the state of Al Jazirah, and he was affiliated with the previous regime of Omar Al-Bashir.

The period during which he held this position coincided with the reign of the previous regime of President Omar Al-Bashir, which gave his role a special character. This had an impact on the directions and positions of the association during this period, especially regarding the relationship between religion and political power in Sudan.

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