Neglecting Oral Health Can Be Life-Threatening

A dentist has sounded the alarm after a new study linked poor dental care to severe infections in the head and neck region.

Dr. Farouk Hamid from “Aesthetic” Dental Clinic urges immediate action to address the neglect of oral health, which can lead to serious consequences.

Dr. Hamid warned that “recent studies have revealed strong links between poor oral hygiene and severe head and neck infections. Neglecting oral health not only leads to dental problems but also significantly increases the risk of hospitalization due to these infections. When oral infections worsen, they can quickly affect the neck area, leading to serious complications.”

He added, “For instance, root canal infections or periodontal inflammation can spread to the neck area through lymphatic or blood vessels. Proper and timely treatment of dental issues is key to preventing them from escalating into potentially life-threatening conditions.”

Dr. Hamid emphasized the importance of a comprehensive strategy for preventing dental infections, stating that “preventing dental infections requires a multifaceted approach, including regular dental check-ups, diligent oral hygiene practices, and a healthy diet.”

Recent studies have highlighted the importance of understanding the overall health impacts of oral infections, stressing the need for collaboration between dentists and general practitioners. The studies indicated that joint efforts between these two specialties can lead to comprehensive and early care for serious health issues.

Researchers also confirmed that oral hygiene is not just about maintaining a beautiful smile but is an essential aspect of overall health.

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