One of the most famous supermarkets in Britain has launched an initiative to combat obesity

Millions of people around the world suffer from high blood pressure caused by excess weight, with some unaware of the severity of the problem and the potential complications it may entail.

Estimates suggest that thousands in Britain specifically lose their lives due to heart and circulatory problems resulting from obesity, weight gain, and unhealthy eating habits.

For this reason, the British company “Tesco,” which owns a chain of grocery stores in the United Kingdom, has launched an initiative to promote public health through its partnership with the British Heart Foundation.

Since last month, Tesco has been offering a variety of healthy meals approved by nutrition experts, including low-cost foods rich in vitamins and minerals.

In addition, Tesco provides free blood pressure checks at all its pharmacy branches, conducted by trained pharmacists.

Statistics indicate that the uptake of Tesco’s services has increased by 340% in just the past February alone, indicating the success of the initiative.

Tesco stated that it is seriously committed to promoting public health and disease prevention, and is interested in encouraging its customers to take more care of their heart health and benefit from the health services available in its stores.

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