Suzy, the Jordanian TikToker, in the grip of Egyptian security… Accused of “attacking values”

Egyptian security forces have apprehended Suzy, the Jordanian TikToker, following accusations of her posting videos on social media platforms that go against “Egyptian family values”.

Security authorities arrested TikToker Suzy Ayman, known as “Suzy the Jordanian”, within the coastal area belonging to the Cairo governorate.

The security intervention came after several complaints were filed against her with the Egyptian public prosecutor, accusing her of presenting videos “contrary to public decency and moral values,” containing content “infringing upon family values”.

Lawyers filed the aforementioned complaints following the circulation of videos in which Suzy the Jordanian insulted and belittled her father, verbally abusing him in front of her followers.

The name of TikToker “Suzy” has been trending recently, after she shared a video in which she demeaned her father with offensive language.

Previous Incidents

Just days ago, an Egyptian court accepted the appeal of YouTuber Nabaweya Anoush, host of the channel “Anoush’s Daily”, overturning her three-year prison sentence and increasing the fine from 100,000 to 300,000 Egyptian pounds.

The economic court had sentenced Nabaweya Anoush to three years in prison, fined her 100,000 Egyptian pounds, and placed her under police supervision before reducing her sentence.

In May of last year, security authorities in the Qalyubiya governorate in the Egyptian Nile Delta arrested blogger Heba El Sayed, following her posting a video claiming to have discovered that one of her sons was having a sexual relationship with his sister.

Blogger Heba El Sayed confessed to investigators that she committed her crime in order to achieve high views and earn money, and handed over her mobile phone, with which she filmed the video, to the investigative authorities.

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