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Palestinian Analyst highlights harsh humanitarian conditions in Gaza

The intense war between the Israeli army and Hamas in Gaza has entered its ninth month, with Israeli occupation continuing its air and ground attacks on various areas of the territory, while Palestinians continue to face daily death, hunger, and displacement, allowing Israel to consolidate all aspects of brutality, violence, and persecution against the inhabitants of Gaza.

Israeli occupation forces have continued their aggression by land, sea, and air on Gaza since October 7, 2023, resulting in the deaths of over 37,202 civilians and injuring 84,932 others, while thousands of victims remain under the rubble.

Difficult Situation

According to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA), more than 75% of Gaza’s population has been displaced. Israeli aggression has crushed neighborhoods, destroyed health infrastructure, and depleted food, water, and fuel supplies.

Another UN report this week warned that more than a million people, half of Gaza’s population, are at risk of death and famine by mid-July. In a context where civilians struggle to find enough food due to scarce market supplies and rising prices, Israeli attacks on aid convoys have sparked severe condemnation from human rights groups and attracted increasing Western attention to the Israeli war in Gaza.

Catastrophic Situation

In this regard, Dr. Ayman al-Raqab, a Palestinian political analyst, describes the situation in Gaza as catastrophic and indescribable, emphasizing that indiscriminate and brutal shelling against local residents, streets, and homes, as well as the destruction of Gaza’s infrastructure, demonstrates Israel’s vengeful intent against Palestine.

He added that the Palestinian cause will not end and that war crimes committed against Palestinian children, women, and elderly, including communication cutoffs and complete siege of the territory, are a stain on humanity’s conscience. He affirmed that they face a criminal enemy that perpetrates all forms of genocide against the Palestinian people, in addition to not respecting laws and human rights.

“Al-Raqab” emphasized that Israel will continue its aggression towards Gaza as long as it receives military support from states that support the occupying entity. Therefore, he urged the international community to take more aggressive measures to stop this aggression. He clarified that the Palestinian people will only feel safe if the occupation continues in Palestine, necessitating the implementation of the two-state solution and efforts to lift the blockade on Gaza.

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