Perfect smile – Foods to avoid to keep teeth white

Who doesn’t dream of a perfect smile with teeth as white as Hollywood stars? Unfortunately, teeth whitening is often expensive. The solution? Avoid certain foods that tend to yellow your teeth and favor others that will give you a smile.

Coffee, tea and soft drinks: your worst enemies

Both of these drinks contain tannin and acidic polyphenols, which bind to tooth enamel and give it a yellow color. Coffee is acidic, which lowers the pH of the mouth and will therefore damage your teeth more quickly.

If you drink too many soft drinks, they will also damage your teeth. Made up of many chemical substances, they weaken the enamel of the teeth, which will tend to stain more easily over time.

The curry

If a good dish seasoned with curry is a real treat, the latter, by its color, yellows the teeth. Yellow, green or red, as it is very pigmented, it marks easily. Without having to eliminate it from your diet, remember to brush your teeth well after eating it.

Citrus fruits

Again, the problem is that these fruits are very acidic, which also damages the enamel. However, they are excellent for your health but consume them sparingly.

Red fruits and beets

Just like tomato sauce, beetroot and red fruits stain the teeth because they are rich in acids and sugars.

Favorite foods

The onions. Admittedly, your breath will not be the best. But onions contain sulfur compounds. This is what prevents the formation of plaque between the teeth. Best to eat it raw.

The lemon. The acidity of lemon acts as a whitening agent. It also helps strengthen the teeth. You can either dilute it in water or apply it directly to your teeth. Be careful, however, not to abuse it: this could damage your gums and enamel.

Lemon balm. It helps in cleaning teeth and removes stains. You can chew a few leaves whenever you want.

Yogurt. Like all dairy products, the nutrients it contains help remove stains from the surface of the teeth.

The carrot. Helping in the production of saliva, they, therefore, clean our teeth naturally.

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