Perhaps the fish ate them… “Libyan Health” determines the fate of the missing bodies in Derna

Dr. Awad Al-Gweiri, the official spokesperson for the Libyan Ministry of Health, announced that search and rescue teams have stopped looking for bodies despite the large number of missing persons.

Al-Gweiri said that rescue teams from all over the world have left Libya, with only rescue teams from Turkey remaining to work on debris removal.

Al-Gweiri revealed that only 4,300 bodies have been successfully retrieved by rescue teams, and there are still many missing persons who have not been declared alive or whose bodies have not been recovered.

The spokesperson for the Libyan Health Ministry speculated that these missing individuals might have been swept away by floods into the depths of the sea or trapped among the rocks, making it impossible to reach them at this time and after that duration.

He explained that due to the nature of the salty water, many bodies will decompose or be eaten by fish. Therefore, the sea will no longer release the bodies after all this time, and as a result, rescue teams have ceased their search, while some locals continue to search individually.

He also noted that Derna Educational Hospital has returned to full operation, while several medical facilities that were damaged by Hurricane Daniel have been restored to work.

Local authorities, with the help of citizens in recent days, are working on cleaning up and removing debris to restore life to the city and return it to its normal state.

On September 10th last year, a devastating hurricane struck the Libyan city of Derna and several other cities, leaving over 4,000 dead.

Hundreds of families have also been displaced from Libya, and the hurricane has caused destructive effects that require international cooperation for reconstruction.

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