Preacher Adnan Oktar sentenced to thousand years for sex crimes

Turkish court sentenced preacher Adnan Oktar to 1,075 years in prison
by accusations of crimes including exploitation of minors and fraud
and the attempted political and military espionage
So who is the preacher Adnan Oktar?
He was born in Ankara in 1956
He entered Mimar Sinan University in Istanbul after graduating from Ankara
He wrote many books using the pseudonym Harun Yahya
According to its official website, Oktar has published a book entitled Atlas of Creation
by rejecting evolutionary theories and scientific views on the origins of the universe and of man
In 2011, he created his television channel, A9 that is diffused on the Internet
presenting as an Islamic preacher
and in holiday style, he presented his religious program
and surrounding several women and discuss Islamic values with them
with the presence of parties, wine and dancing with them
and he called them kittens
and explaining that Islam bans to show just the nudity of a woman
In 2018, his TV show received a lot of criticism
and the police arrested him in Istanbul, with his guards and anyone has a link with him
with the accusation of establishing a criminal group for fraud and sexual assault
More than 230 of his supporters were also detained
and after two and a half years of arrest and trial
The court sentenced him to 1,075 years in prison
and the trial sessions included outrageous and horrific details of sex crimes
In one session, he admitted that he has over 1000 girlfriends
He also said: There is more love in my heart for a woman, and love is one of the characteristics of a Muslim
What do you think about this trial?

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