Al Houthi makes Yemen’s children hungry

Day after day, humanitarian crises worsen among the Yemeni people
they are a natural repercussion of the continuous war
while more than 24 million people, or almost 80% of the population
need urgent humanitarian aid,
including more than 12 million children, as well as the displacement of millions of people
Severe crisis aggravated by the spread of new Coronavirus
with a serious deficiency of sanitation and drinking water facilities
To confront these rising humanitarian challenges
United Nations organizations have warned
of food insecurity of 1.2 million people for six months
Organizations predicted that number would rise to 3.2 million during the next six months
This serious situation pushes millions of children in Yemen to the famine
and they are actually exposed to severe malnutrition and need urgent treatment
Otherwise, Lise Grande, resident coordinator
stated that the United Nations does not have enough funds to face this disaster
Besides, sources at the United Nations office confirm
that the World Health Organization was forced to cease paying salaries
and inducements for health workers in Yemen
and it would reduce support by 80% of services
presenting to 189 hospitals and 200 primary health centers
with the closing of programs to fight against malnutrition
which 250 thousand children have benefited
These tragedies are actually caused by the rebel Houthi militia
that took humanitarian aid in its favor
It also targeted storage areas and attacked aid workers
and committed crimes by recruiting children and putting them on the front lines of the struggling

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