Qatar and Sheikh Talal… seizure of property, imprisonment, torture and abuse

Sheikh Talal bin Abdul
Aziz bin Ahmed Al Thani
is the grandson of the founder of Qatar,
Sheikh Ahmed bin Ali Al Thani,
And the son of Sheikh Abdul Aziz
bin Ahmed Al Thani, a former Minister
of Public Health of Qatar
The Qatari regime sentenced
him to 25 years in prison
What is the reason?
Sheikh Talal’s wife
His property and those of his father were confiscated. He was asking for his rights which he should not be asking. After he was in a hurry. And not to give him a good life. He was trying on an independent business principle. Then he fell into a trap. This is what I brought and saw
But the real reason
The reason is for him moved away from power. Because he is one of the relatives. And their grandfathers, Sheikh Ahmed bin Ali, reined. They were one of the princes of Qatar. And they arrested him many times
When Asma Aryan, wife
of Sheikh Talal, revealed
the Qatari regime’s violations
against her husband and children,
she was threatened
Thanks to God, I have the protection of the German police. Based on my pursuit in Geneva by people sent by Qatari authorities who have been assessed by German police and specialists in this field.
And they decided that must be my protection.
Because it was a very clear threat to follow me to my place of residence.

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