Qatar between willingness to success Gulf deal and pushing electronic media to insult boycotting countries

In a clear indifference and recklessness,
Qatar didn’t respect Kuwait’s demands for a truce
Once the declarations of reconciliation and the fruitful efforts are diffused
between America, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait
Doha has continued to launch its electronic flies
through social networks and the media
and Hamdeen’s channel, Al-Jazeera, came in the first place
It has conducted an organized campaign against Saudi Arabia and its crown prince, the prince Mohammed ben Salmane
It posted many news and claims that are not true, like:
It alleged that an Israeli plane flew over Riyadh skies
and affirmed that there was a disagreement between Saudi Arabia and the UAE
It also claimed that the kingdom was suffering from an economic crisis, so it lent $ 7 billion
Al-Jazeera pushed its mercenaries through social media Facebook and Twitter
to spread rumors about Saudi support for the brotherhood
and that the Crown Prince takes many negative procedures that disturb the Kingdom
Qatar’s incitement and abuse campaigns have also affected Egypt and the United Arab Emirates
by spreading lies and rumors in all field
These campaigns reveal the extent of the ambivalence of Qatar and its regime
which doubts the sincerity of his intention to join the Gulf Agreement
Would Qatar respect its commitments this time? Or would it fail?

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