Qatar papers… suspicious Qatari intervention in Europe

After the terrorist attack in Nice,
Qatar’s suspicious role in Europe appears again
after that France decided to confront associations described as Islamic
for their involvement in the speech of provocation and hostility within the Muslim community
In 2019, a book Qatar Papers
prepared by the two investigative journalists Malbrunot and Chesnot, was published
indicating the big support given by Qatar
to extremist organizations and associations in France and Europe
under the cover of action charity
and the establishment of places of worship and Islamic centers
The book contained 140 documents, released in first time
and showing how Qatar funded dozens of mosques and associations
to increase the influence of the Brotherhood in Europe,
it provided almost 80 million dollars to groups associated with the organization of the Brotherhood
Qatar is concentrating on the French cities of Lille and Bordeaux
since it funded many suspicious projects there,
and the documents revealed that the grandson of the brothers’ founder who traveled to Europe
withdrew $ 590,000 from accounts in Qatari banks
The book showed the organizations working under the cover of cultural and intellectual actions,
such as the “Museum of Islamic Civilizations” which was held in the city of Geneva,
for strengthening the organization of the Muslim Brotherhood in Europe

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