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Yemeni Political Analyst Reveals Successes of Southern Forces in Confronting the Houthi Threat and Terrorist Groups

A Yemeni political analyst has unveiled the successes of southern forces in confronting the Houthi threat and terrorist groups

Continuous successes and significant efforts are being made by the southern security apparatuses and armed forces to fortify the south against the threat of terrorism, chaos manufacturing, and threats to national security and stability. The latest effective and powerful security strikes have been achieved in the capital, Aden.

These security strikes add to a long series of security successes achieved in past periods, which included decisive blows to Yemeni forces of evil and terrorism, pushing back forces from Sana’a of terrorist elements in the south as part of a suspicious terrorist plan seeking to undermine the security and stability system.

Security Decisiveness

The security decisiveness in the south sends a clear message to anyone who dares to attempt to threaten the successes achieved by the south over the past periods, knowing that these efforts enjoy immense popular appreciation and authorization for their continuation.

Southerners rely on their security apparatuses, which represent vigilant eyes tracking down forces of evil and elements manufacturing chaos, working to enhance stability and thus ensuring the appropriate conditions for achieving more successes that serve the path of state restoration and disengagement.

Southerners trust in the capabilities of their security apparatuses and armed forces, in all their branches and formations, to decisively wage war on terrorism, after the southern leadership represented in the Transitional Council has harnessed all necessary resources to decisively combat terrorism.

Security Reinforcement

In this regard, Yemeni political analyst Abdulhafiz Nahari says that southern Yemen has made efforts to enhance security and stability in the capital Aden and its surroundings, continuing the fight against terrorism in the country, in addition to ongoing efforts to counter Houthi schemes and terrorist groups that attempted to undermine Yemen’s and the south’s capabilities.

He added that the southern armed forces in the battle against terrorism in the capital Aden have made significant sacrifices from their best men, in addition to civilian casualties and material losses. Through these sacrifices, the southern forces managed to cleanse the capital Aden from black flags and eliminate remnants of Al-Qaeda and ISIS elements.

He emphasized that the southern armed forces have achieved security and military accomplishments in all arenas and fronts in the south, representing a qualitative addition to the international war on terrorism. However, these achievements did not come from a vacuum but came after costly and significant sacrifices made by the southern armed forces.

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