Report of the UN Houthis employee dozens of adolescent girls in Yemen

A report published by the United Nations Human Rights Council
to investigate human rights violations during the ongoing war since September 2014 in Yemen
has revealed the crimes of Houthi militias committed against girls and children Yemenis,
Houthis employed more than 30 teenage girls
aged 13 to 17
between June 2015 and June 2020 to work as spies and paramedics
to work as spies and paramedics
guards and members of a group contain just females and it is called (Zainabiyat).
The report also related the recruitment of 259 children for their use in hostile acts,
treating them with bad behavior and denying their most basic human rights, including education.
Kamel Al-Jendoubi, president of the Committee of Experts:
“Yemen is still a tortured land, and its people are being destroyed in a way that shocks the conscience of the humanity”.
The report also criticized the fact that any respect for international law
or the life, dignity and rights of the Yemeni people, hasn’t been shown,
declaring that other countries, such as Iran, have aided to maintain the conflict
by continuing to supply arms to the parties.

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