Turkey…The number of death due to coronavirus increased to 7056 on Sunday

Data from the Health Ministry related that the number of death in Turkey because of the novel coronavirus increased to 7,056 on Sunday, with a raise of 57 deaths in the last 24 hours.

The same data showed that the total number of cases in this country increased by 1,527 on Sunday, for a total of 291,162 cases, while 258,833 people have recovered from COVID-19. Moreover, the daily deaths and cases have increased to levels in mid-May in recent days.

Thereby, the widespread lockdowns by the government have been ruled out; however, it has recently declared new measures such as including preventing weddings and other events and restricting the number of passengers allowed on public transport.

It should be noted that the governor of Istanbul has banned on Saturday boating companies from hosting weddings and related meetings as part of new measures to fight the propagation of COVID-19 in the most populous city of Turkey.

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