Results of Bouznika discussions between Libyan factions

The city of Bouznika, in Morocco, hosted more than 5 days of discussions
between the Libyan Parliament and the Council of State
“to break the impasse and make points of view closer”
During the discussions, the two parties discussed the mechanisms and conditions for the appointment of the various institutions that will be agreed
and also agreed on the distribution of 7 sovereign positions out of 10 positions
And if these negotiations will succeed,
they will specify the determinants of the transitional phase
especially the reconstruction of institutions and the distribution of supreme positions
and these are the points that will be discussed during the negotiations in Geneva
The two parts also agreed to continue meetings in the last week of this month.
The delegation of the Libyan Parliament :
“The Moroccan discussions affirmed the existence of a great harmony in the consultations between the two delegations”
The delegation of the Supreme Council of the Libyan State:
“The just and neutral position of Morocco, which provided the adequate conditions to find a solution for the Libyan people”
Therefore, will these discussions really contribute to a ceasefire and to resolve the conflicts between the Libyan factions?

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