Morocco foiled a complex terrorist plot

The central judicial investigation office under the General Directorate of Surveillance of Moroccan National Territory
foiled a terrorist imminent and extremely complex
and arrested five extremists aged 29 to 43
in the cities of Tangier, Tiflet, Temara and Skhirat
affiliated to the terrorist organization known as “Daeish”
Inspection procedures and sweeping and combing operations resulted in the seizures of :
-Three explosive belts
– 15 Bottles containing suspicious chemicals
-Electronic equipment, chemical powders and electrical wires
-Three masking masks and two endoscopes
-Two tear gas canisters
-A large collection of bladed weapons of various sizes
– Three trapped jackets are being prepared
-A paper model symbolizing the slogan “Daeish”
and other tools and materials.
The leader of this terrorist cell, which has a precedent of violent crimes,
had planned with the rest of the shareholders to carry out terrorist operations targeting several sensitive facilities and targets
in order to serve the destructive agenda of the terrorist organization “Daeish”

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