Russian Celebrity Dies Horribly Due to “Selfie”

A Russian influencer and beauty expert met a tragic end while attempting to take a “selfie” from a famous platform perched at a dizzying height overlooking the Black Sea in Georgia.

According to “The Sun” website, Elizaveta Bolinko, 39, wanted to capture a photo with the stunning landscapes of the Abkhazia region in Georgia, and in trying to reach the best angle, she suffered a fatal fall from 170 feet high.

Witnesses claim Bolinko stumbled after climbing the barrier, losing her balance before falling to her death.

Rescuers rushed to try to save Bolinko’s life, but she breathed her last breath at the hospital.

A widely circulated video, which captured the tragic moment, shows Bolinko’s body on the shore of the Black Sea after her fatal fall, while her followers express their sadness and emotion over her sudden death.

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