For the Muslim Brotherhood, a History of Manipulating Religion to Justify Murder… Revealed by Experts

The ideas put forward by the first founder of the Muslim Brotherhood were quasi-military, calling for the practice of violence in all its forms, whether verbal, political, or even criminal, according to researcher in extremist movements and international terrorism affairs, Munir Adib.

Adib stated to “Al-Watan” newspaper that the Brotherhood‘s practice of violence wasn’t a transition to violence, but from the organization’s inception, violence was exercised from the very first moment, which was justified legally, jurisprudentially, and politically by the organization’s founder, Hassan el-Banna, confirming that what was called the special system was established following the fifth congress held by the first founder, Hassan el-Banna, where he called for using force and stated at the time in words attributed to him: “We will use force when nothing else works,” indicating that the Brotherhood’s ideas and doctrine were armed from the outset.

The researcher in extremist movements and international terrorism affairs also affirmed that the vast majority of the Muslim Brotherhood agreed to the decision to use violence, or what is called proportional response, considering the proportional response as a legitimate view of the idea of using violence, and that’s why the Muslim Brotherhood acknowledged that they justified the legality of confronting the authority six months before the revolution erupted, which is an acknowledgment from the Muslim Brotherhood, and they translated this into what they called the proportional response, confirming the anchoring of the organization’s violent ideas.

On his part, Ibrahim Rabie, a researcher in terrorist group affairs, stated that the criminal organization of the Muslim Brotherhood has permitted killing, facilitating, and justifying bloodshed since its inception, as these are elements of their belief and components of the methodology on which they are raised in closed circles, and requirements of these closed organizations, which are a unified organization, and a unified organization is necessarily an excluding organization, and an excluding organization is necessarily a takfirist organization, and a takfirist organization is necessarily a terrorist organization that allows legitimizing murder, and thus their excommunication of someone is punished by death.

Rabie added that the terrorist organization instills belief and methodology within the organization through violence, and they will use it but at the appropriate time, chosen by the organization, and before 2011, it was called deferred violence, and the terrorist acts used by the organization were not a response to an event or pressure, but acts planned by the group to have a widespread effect, according to their own description.

The Muslim Brotherhood, founded in 1928, is considered one of the most extremist organizations hiding behind religion in the modern era, and the most expansive and widespread in the world, and they are the first to initiate the thought of authorizing the use of force, weapons, and murder if necessary to access power.

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