Saudi-Egyptian Consultation Committee discussed many subject including Renaissance Dam, Stability in Libya, and the Palestinian issue

According to a joint press statement on Tuesday, the Saudi-Egyptian Consultation Committee affirmed the refusal of regional intervention in Arab internal affairs and attempts to destabilize the region’s security and stability.

The committee also indicated the importance of the Arab role and the League of Arab States’ role in solving the region’s crises in the context of related international decisions and following international law principles.

Moreover, the two countries affirmed, in the final statement of the Follow-up and Political Consultation Committee between the two sides, the importance of assuring navigation freedom in the Gulf, Bab al-Mandab, and the Red Sea, with the expulsion of any attempt to affect navigation freedom because this constitutes a threat to regional security and stability.

A binding pact regarding the Renaissance Dam

Saudi Arabia stressed its support for Egypt’s efforts to reaching an obligatory deal for all parties about the Renaissance Dam to save Egyptian water security as an integral part of Arab water security, and also to improve the preservation of security and peace in the African continent by making serious negotiations between the concerned sides.

On its part, the Egyptian side showed its solidarity with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in all the procedures that it takes to defend its national security. Egypt also stressed its refusal of any assaults on the Kingdom’s lands, affirming that the Kingdom’s safety and the Arab Gulf region is an integral part of the Egyptian national security.

Stability in Libya

Furthermore, the two parties also affirmed the need to protect Libya’s stability, unity, and territorial integrity, refusing any foreign intervention in its affairs and efforts to destabilize the internal and regional conditions via the support of terrorism and extremism. They also affirmed their position to reach a full political solution after what that was agreed in the Berlin process and the Cairo Declaration announced in June 2020 and their support for reconstructing the Libyan state and its institutions.

To improve economic collaboration between the two sides, they admitted the necessity of excluding obstacles that block developing trade and investment exchange. The two parties also showed their full satisfaction with the development of cooperation in different fields, with the importance of maintaining bilateral coordination between experts to reach more aspects of cooperation and coordination between the two brotherly countries.

The Palestinian cause

The two parties also affirmed the importance of the Palestinian question because it is the central issue of the Arab nation. They stressed that a just and comprehensive solution requires establishing an independent and sovereign Palestinian state on the borders of the 1967 agreement, with East Jerusalem as its capital, based on the Arab Peace Initiative and relevant international legitimacy decisions.

The two sides also discussed the consequences of the Coronavirus pandemic on the health, economic, and social sector.

It should be noted that the committee took place the gathering in Riyadh on Tuesday, and the Saudi part was headed by Prince Faisal bin Farhan bin Abdullah, Minister of Foreign Affairs, while the Egyptian side was led by Sameh Shukry, Minister of Foreign Affairs.

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