Secret document reveals corruption of Iranian intelligence and Revolutionary Guard… details

A secret meeting between Iranian military leaders and Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei exposed the rampant corruption within the pillars of the Iranian regime, especially in security systems and military agencies, led by the Revolutionary Guards.

According to a document published by Iran International, military leaders expressed concern about information leaks into the regime’s security systems and said that some Revolutionary Guards sold classified information to foreign intelligence agents for $5 million to $100 million worth ($100 to $2,000).

In the meeting held on January 3rd, 2023, the commander of the Nineveh Corps in the province of Golestan, Ali Jomaa Malak Shah Kohi, pointed out that the country’s intelligence and military services had become corrupt, announcing the arrest and trial of more than 40 important members of the Golestan Provincial Guard. He confirmed that these people had sold confidential information to the security services in other countries for 5 million to 100 million Tomans.

King Shah Kohi described the leak and dissemination of information as the main problem in the country’s security, intelligence, cultural and economic institutions, explaining that the extent of the system crisis in the dissemination of daily information from internal information networks and the dissemination of information and news in various media shows that we are facing a problem hostile to the security of our country.

The Quds Force commander in Kilan, Mohammad Abdullah Bour, noted the discrepancy between secret intelligence reports under Hossein Taeb, the former head of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Intelligence Organization, and Mohammad Kazemi, the current head of the organization. He said the New Era reports made leaders “worried” about the country’s situation, while under Taib, commanders were “comfortable” reading the reports.

Mohammad Hossein Najat, a deputy from Tharallah Camp who served as Taib’s assistant for three years, confirmed the critical situation for the regime’s intelligence services, but stressed that dealing with this situation should be entrusted to the intelligence services of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard.

In a confidential report, the Ministry of Intelligence warned of the danger of a split in the country’s Information Protection Department, said Muhsin Karimi, commander of the Ruhollah Legion in central Iran.

Iran has been the target of numerous incidents at sensitive military installations, and its affiliated militias in Syria are struck daily, indicating the amount of information leaked to hostile entities against the Iranian regime.

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